Mission Statement

The overall goal of the Valley Stream Green Hornets Football Organization is to provide a program for KIDS of the community that is FUN and will INSPIRE youth members, regardless of race, creed, color, or ability to pay, to learn the game of football and to practice the ideals of sportsmanship, scholarship, and physical fitness.
The Green Hornets Football Program will meet its overall goal through the following objectives:

·         Bringing area youth members closer together through a common interest in athletic competition,

·         Providing supervised, organized, and safety-oriented learning environments,

·         Teaching them the fundamentals of Football and Cheerleading,

·         Collaborating closely with the USA Football guidelines.

·         Providing the opportunity to practice and play free from pressure to win at all costs,

·         Using only those volunteers whose goals support these objectives.

*To have adults support and supervise youth members, teach and behave in an exemplary manner, and keep the welfare and interests of youth members foremost.

* To promote safety-first by requiring the member teams to maintain strict compliance with Green Hornets Football Policies.

* Youth Members : All youth members, whether they are football players or cheerleaders, must meet the applicable age for certification to a team on the date of certification.

*Adult Members: The Green Hornets welcomes the participation of any and all adults who are interested in promoting and developing the Green Hornets Football & Cheerleading program whether or not they have a child in the program. Coaching and Administrative positions are considered and approved by the Board of Directors of Green Hornets Football Organization.

Adults volunteering to work with youth members as well as coaches shall agree to support the goals of the Organization and commit to abide by the rules and guidelines of the as dictated by the Board of Directors of the Organization.