Concussion Policy

Valley Stream Green Hornets return to play policy

The Valley Stream Green Hornets are committed to the reducing the amount of concussion in its youth sports programs. The Green Hornets have adopted the following guidelines if an athlete receives or is expected to have a concussion:

Any player that is suspected of receiving a concussion, must be immediately pulled out of any practice, game or competition and cannot return until the following takes place:

The athlete MUST be cleared by a medical professional. (Doctor with concussion experience or an Certified Athletic Trainer approved by the Green Hornets or its designee)

A gradual return-to-play protocol after the athlete is symptom-free at rest:

· Day 1: light aerobic exercise (walking, swimming , or stationary cycling) keeping exercise heart rate less than 70% of maximum predicted heart rate. No resistance training

· Day 2: sport-specific exercise, any activities that incorporate sport-specific skills. No head impact activities.

· Day 3: non-contact training drills

· Day 4: full contact practice, participate in normal practice activities

· Day 5: return to competition

If any concussion symptoms return during any of the above activities, the athlete should return to the

previous level, after resting for 24 hours.

All policies are approved and sanctioned by the Valley Stream Green Hornets.

Bobby Hawkey
USA Football Player Safety Coach